Guarantee of the gold standard for security systems

Guarantee of the gold standard for security systems

By Graham McMonigle

VWS has been installing CCTV and other security systems for three decades now. We have seen new technologies come and go and we have adopted, over the years, a cautious approach to what is often hailed as the latest breakthrough.

There is a sound reason for this. Our primary motivation is providing a first rate service to our customers. We are well aware that early adopters of new technologies often act simply as beta testers for the manufacturers while teething problems are sorted out.

This has certainly been the case with the move from analogue to network, or IP systems, arguably one of the major developments in recent years. In the early stages, the images from IP systems were little better than analogue and we saw no reason to ask our customers to pay a premium for an only marginally improved service.

However, from around 2009, the technologies improved, resolution was immeasurably better and prices were falling. At this point, we felt we could recommend the systems to our customers and we now, as we have done from the start with CCTV, provide a sector-leading service.

VWS is accredited to gold standard by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI), the leading certification body for the security and fire protection in the UK.

This is a high standard of assurance for our customers. NSI auditors are ruthless when it comes to auditing a security system and will check absolutely everything with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that the installing company has completed the installation to the appropriate standards.

However with an IP system, physical and visual checks may not be enough and VWS has gone the extra mile by investing tens of thousands of pounds on test equipment and engineer training which will ensure that systems are installed and running to their full capacity.

We are so confident in the equipment we have installed and the rigor of the training processes we have put in place that we are in the unusual position of being able to offer our customers a guarantee about their security network infrastructure and a 25-year cable guarantee.

We keep our test equipment fully calibrated, make sure our engineers carry out network training annually and send our suppliers copies of our test results on completion of new projects.

This positions us head and shoulders above other installers and gives customers the assurance they need to know that their system is operating correctly and to its full potential.

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