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Here at VWS we love what we do and we like to talk about it. We are passionate about the standards and quality of our industry and we are keen to elevate its status by not just good workmanship but by giving good and dependable advice. When we consult with anyone clients or not, we don’t view it as a sales opportunity but as a chance to find the best technical solution.

There is almost too much choice out there. Rather than be perplexed by multiple quotes with wide ranging figures and solutions come to VWS and let us help you put together a detailed specification. You can take this specification to market safe in the knowledge that you will be able to compare quotes safe in the knowledge your needs are being met.


200 Yrs Experience / Requirement Elicitation / Expert Advice

There is over 200 years of experience in the industry amongst the VWS technical staff. All this experience is put to good use particularly in the early stages of discussion with clients. This helps us identify when a client has a requirement that already has a simple solution or when some new thinking must be applied.

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Consultative Approach / Jargon Busting / Practical Advice

At VWS we listen to the client and then ask the right questions to help them understand what they require or do not require as the case may be. We understand that not everyone knows the jargon in our industry and we avoid using it so that you do not feel confused. Don’t be blinded with choice and too many options. Let VWS guide the way and put the power in your hands.

We believe that our clients should have a clear understanding of what their investment in our systems should do so that they can get the most out of it.

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Innovation / Problem Solving / Bespoke Solutions

There are times when a client’s requirements do not fit a standard system application, this is where VWS excels. By using our hard earned experience, vast technical knowledge and by applying a bit of imagination and creativity we can solve even the most complex of problems.

Knowing how our products work inside out gives VWS the unique ability to find ways to integrate systems and realise our clients requirements even when the solution is not off the shelf. If you have been told that your site or premises are not suitable then you need VWS to find you a solution.

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