CCTV Installation and Maintenance

Our NACOSS Gold approved designers and engineers have been installing comprehensive, high quality CCTV systems for our clients since 1986.


Everyone has seen the results of a CCTV installation at some point in their personal or work life or at least on television programmes like Crimewatch. As a society we have become quite used to the presence of CCTV and for most people it gives an added sense of security to get on with their own business.

At VWS we take this requirement for CCTV to provide a silent dependable sense of security very seriously. When we engage with you as a client, whether it be for a new CCTV system, maintenance, upgrades or repairs we endeavour to exceed any expectations.

VWS has been in the CCTV industry for thirty years and as such brings all the experience to match you with the system and service that fulfils your needs. We are proud of the highly qualified, friendly and customer focussed team we have built over the years. Get in touch today to speak with a NACOSS Gold approved member of our team.

CCTV Analytics

Smart CCTV Systems

CCTV has been perceived mainly as a tool to bolster security. The development of analytics was mainly driven by the need to make that application more efficient. With the introduction of Facial Recognition, Line Crossing and Area of Interest to name but a few this has certainly enhanced the security capabilities of even standard CCTV systems.

However, with the new era of data driven applications CCTV cameras have become more than security devices. They are now known as data sensors.

Forward thinkers from many areas including production, transportation and logistics have seen that the video data gathered by the CCTV cameras can provide valuable insight to otherwise un-observed real-life situations.
Combining the high quality of the video from the modern CCTV camera with software that can process it at milli-second speed gives data far beyond security needs. This data can help drive your business forward.

At VWS we can help you understand how you can add value to your CCTV system as more than just a security system but also as an observer of your working practices and help you, the expert, make them better.

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NACOSS Approved / Bespoke Design / Leading Technologies

The secret of good CCTV design is in understanding the clients’ expectations and requirements. In some cases, that involves helping the client to understand their own wants and needs from a CCTV system.

Our designers are all NACOSS approved but more importantly vastly experienced, knowledgeable and good listeners.

With constant training on all the latest products available from companies like Avigilon, Bosch, Pelco, Axis and many more VWS designers are well equipped to find the right solution for your CCTV system.

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Expert Engineers / 2 Yr Warranty / On time / On Budget

There is no point in having a quality accredited design if the installation of it is not to the same high standard. At VWS we have an engineering team of exceptional quality that take great pride in delivering on time and on budget CCTV systems. Highly trained and with all the required health and safety certification you can be sure that the VWS engineers will complete your installation with minimum fuss and inconvenience.

A VWS installed system will give you the peace of mind and value for money. Make the secure investment you deserve and enjoy our 2-year minimum warranty on all new installations.

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Protecting Your Investment / Asset Management / Customer Service

Once you have your expertly designed and installed CCTV system from VWS your investment will be protected by our NACOSS Gold Quality maintenance department. We make sure that the investment you make is properly maintained to ensure optimal future performance and to increase the longevity of your new assets. The level of service delivered by the VWS maintenance department is a continual source of customer satisfaction borne out by the testimonials we receive.

Our engineers know that keeping your CCTV system in tip top condition means that when you need it, you won’t be let down, your investment will remain a valuable asset and if required will be admissible for legal purposes.

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