Autodoors and Access Control

Welcome your clients by opening the door for them with fully automated door entry. Combine this with Access Control for unrivalled security.


First impressions of your business are so important. It is only right then that this should begin at your front door. If you believe your business delivers quality it makes sense to have a quality entrance. One that is welcoming and accessible for all. A VWS automated entrance can give that quality impression by allowing you to extend the courtesy of opening the door for all your visitors.

You can also automate the doors throughout your premises to help accessibility for your staff and visitors. The automated doors can improve security when integrated with your access control system. If you need to restrict access to certain areas of your premises on health and safety grounds but do not want to hinder production then automating the entry and exit doors can help.


Safety as Standard / BS EN 16005 Standards / User Friendly

There are a lot of considerations that are not readily apparent when considering automating a door. On external doors the environmental factors must be taken into account. The amount of people using the door, the positioning of sensors and access devices are also very important but the overarching requirement in the design is for safety. Badly positioned sensors can cause an autodoor to be unreliable and a nuisance but moreover a danger to users. That is why you need VWS to ensure your automatic door is designed to operate to the BS EN 16005 standards. You want to welcome your visitors not have them left waiting or worse still, clobbered by an erratic door.

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Bespoke Manufacturing / Tailored Branding / Glass Etching

At VWS we can design entrances with doors and screens to suit any opening. We can also have these tailor made to suit any requirement by our local Manufacturing partner. They can produce the highest quality steel frame with glazing if desired to fit any shape of opening. The frames can be coloured to suit your company branding and your logo can even be etched or painted onto the glass. These frames and doors really can transform your business premises.

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BS EN 16005 / Experienced Installers / Minimum Disruption

The installation team at VWS are well versed in the requirements of BS EN 16005 and come with many years of experience. They know how to carry out the installation of your automatic door and screens with minimum fuss and disruption so as not to hinder your business operation. The flexibility of the team can also allow for the installation to be done outwith your normal trading hours.

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4 Hour Response / Increased Lifespan / 24/7 Emergency Service

The mechanical operation of the automatic door means that there is an element of wear on the parts. Regular inspection by VWS maintenance engineers can prevent this from becoming an issue. Their inspections, and if need be, adjustments will keep your door operating faultlessly.

Accidents can happen that result in damage to your automatic door. VWS operates a 24/365 emergency service with a 4-hour maximum response to ensure that your door operation is restored swiftly.

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