Intruder Alarm Systems

We make sure your business premises is protected via a range of comprehensive intruder alert systems provided by NSI and SELECT approved engineers.


In days gone by, one potential option for deterring intruders would be the purchase of a big, scary canine that patrols your premises looking for intruders to chase down. Whilst this would be a big enough deterrent for most it isn’t entirely practical. Modern intruder alert systems, unlike our furry companions are much more effective. They don’t need to sleep and don’t get old and tired over time. They are also much more cost effective if veterinary bills are anything to go by!

You can protect your business properly with a comprehensive Intruder System provided by VWS and installed by our expert engineers. We are a NACOSS Gold approved provider and installer of intruder systems and can save you money on your insurance bills by making sure you comply with the strict requirements of insurers.


Bespoke System Design / Meticulous Product Training / Vast Experience

One of the most beneficial factors to engaging VWS to design your Intruder system is the fact that all our designers have been actual hands on engineers. This means that as well as knowing all the regulations they know how to get the best fit for your investment.

VWS designers embark on regular product training with the likes of Honeywell, Visonic, Pyronix, Texecom and many more to ensure they can find the best intruder alert solution for your premises whether it be traditional hard wired, wireless or a mix of both.

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Hassle Free / Tailored Installation / Audited Engineers

The installation of your Intruder system should not in itself be alarming. VWS engineers know how to get the job done quickly and effectively so that you can get on with your business. Audited annually by NSI and SELECT, the VWS engineer’s work is passed with distinction and merit.

The ability of our engineers to find unobtrusive cable routes and a deep knowledge of how the Intruder system actually works means that not only do VWS provide a bespoke Intruder system design but also a tailored install.

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24/7 Monitoring / Instant Activation Detection / Immediate Response

Many businesses not only require an Intruder system but also need it to be monitored so that any activation is detected instantly, verified and responded to appropriately.

VWS has partnered with the best monitoring providers in the market to offer clients the complete Intruder solution. We can help you to satisfy even the most stringent of insurance requirements and give you the ultimate peace of mind.

An Intruders system designed and installed by VWS coupled with one of the best monitoring services available is almost like having your own in-house security team at a fraction of the cost.

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Inspection / Thorough Testing / 24/7 Emergency Response

It is a sad fact that some businesses don’t bother with the maintenance of their Intruder system. The logic applied is usually, ‘it’s not like it has any moving parts and it’s never gone off’. The risk is, how can you be sure it will work when it needs to?

VWS can provide comprehensive inspection and testing during a maintenance visit that will find out if your system is effective. A major downside of not maintaining your system sufficiently is that they can often generate false alarms. This is not only an inconvenience and irritation but can also lead to a refusal to respond by the Police.

Don’t waste your investment and gamble with your business, get VWS to provide your Intruder system maintenance and 24/365 emergency response.

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