Network Enabled Security

We are experts in network enabled security systems using the latest wireless and fiber optic technologies.


VWS has been operating since 1986 and through the many changes in technology in that time the most significant has been the shift to security systems becoming network enabled. VWS identified early on that it needed to be able to provide its customers with the network connections. As the network capability of security devices progressed so did VWS’s ability and understanding of network infrastructure.

VWS can now provide networking solutions that are high capacity, reliable and not just for security devices. If you need a network connection VWS can make it happen. Our expertise has tracked the industries’ evolution over time making us well informed, experienced and up to date. We are the perfect partner for your network enabled security needs.


25 Year Warranty / Performance Equipment / Excel Cabling

Through years of experience VWS has found that not all network cables and equipment are equal. The predominant application of networking for VWS is the streaming of live HD CCTV. The sheer volume of data this video streaming incorporates as opposed to normal network traffic really takes its toll on low quality equipment.

VWS has addressed this by using Excel cabling. This is the most accredited cabling in the industry. Beyond simply using the best quality cabling VWS are also in the unique position to offer you a 25 year warranty due to us being certified as an approved specialist.

As an NSI Gold Approved company we Install , Test and commission security systems to the highest of standards , we also do the same with the network element of the system which sometimes gets overlooked by other installers. Our certified network engineers provide comprehensive test certificates by using our DSX 8000 testers , ensuring that the security and network infrastructure are working to optimal levels.

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Huge Savings / Low Capital Expenditure / Short Links / City Wide Networks

For over 10 years VWS has been providing wireless network solutions. These have included short local links where no cable ducts were available, to large city wide networks with built-in redundancy. The savings to our clients have been huge. The cost of laying cables across a city or leasing lines often made connectivity projects unfeasible. VWS wireless solutions makes these projects possible at low capital cost and minimal ongoing expenditure.

By Deploying Point to Point , Point to Multi Point or a Mesh network our clients have saved substantial amounts of money by eliminating costly leased private fibre or broadband lines.

The latest wireless technologies are now providing speeds and capacity to compete with any hard wired infrastructure. Contact VWS to find out how you can benefit.

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Fiber Optic

High Security / High Speed / Large, Critical Data Transmission

One of the earliest forms of communication over distance was by lighting fires on hilltops. Fiber Optics is the zenith of that ancient technique. Instead of fire, Fiber Optic transmits beams of light down a glass pipe no thicker than a hair follicle, often for many miles.

VWS has many years’ experience in providing fiber solutions for security systems. Its ability to carry large quantities of data at the speed of light and its immunity from electrical interference make it a particularly attractive option for high security and critical data transmission. VWS can install, repair and maintain your fiber optical network keeping you connected and your data safe.

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