Security Entry Systems

Protect your business premises with a comprehensive range of security entry systems. From simple door entry solutions to full access control VWS have you covered.


There is such a myriad of choice when it comes to security entry. Most of us can’t afford the systems like the one at Buckingham Palace; several hundred soldiers with very big hats and building a moat around your premises is pretty expensive and a little archaic.

Fortunately, there are many less expensive options for the rest of us. This choice however can make things a bit confusing for customers. That is where we can help. Our knowledge and expertise can help guide you to the right solution for your premises to give the level of security you require.


DDA Compliant / NACOSS Gold Standard / User Friendly

Entry systems are the most interactive part of the security industry. The components that make up the system have to be placed practically for ease of use but at the same time without compromising the security. If a system is not designed correctly it can cause users to get frustrated and find ways to circumnavigate it, e.g. objects placed in doorway to stop the door from locking.

There are many regulatory considerations that must also be adhered to. The DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) stipulates acceptable positioning of entry system components to ensure that not just your able bodied clients and employees have easy access and safe egress from your premises. VWS can design your entry system to NACOSS Gold standard and ensure you are DDA compliant and most importantly, secure.

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Door Entry / Access Control / Fire & CCTV Integration

Security Entry is in many cases an integration of two different systems, Door Entry and Access Control. A Door Entry system is probably the simpler of the two and is the part that lets a visitor to your premises, call you from a panel at the front door to inform you of their arrival and subsequently allows you to grant them entry from the entry phone within your premises.

Access Control requires the visitor to have a form of ID such as a fob, pin number, swipe card or fingerprint. Access is granted when the system is presented with the ID and it checks with data stored in a controller that acknowledges the ID as one registered, issued and valid for that entry point.

Integration is also very common with other disciplines. This could be a trigger from the entry system when someone is at the door requesting entry that they are captured on CCTV to give better verification, an activation of an alarm system when a door is opened without permission or commonly to a fire system to unlock doors automatically in the instance of a fire.

VWS has vast experience with integration to help you get added value from your security systems.

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Versatile Systems / Standalone Systems / City Wide Networks / Unrivalled Warranties

The versatility and ingenuity of the VWS engineering team along with their manufacturer accredited training means that your system installation will be of the highest quality and hassle free. The team have installed systems in executive office suites to the most demanding of social housing using products from GDX, Paxton, Lenel, Videx, Entrotec and many more. These have been from simple standalone systems to city wide networked concierge.

It is the quality of these products and the VWS engineering team that allows us to offer such good warranty on your systems.

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4 Hour Response / Rapid Repair / Service Level Guarantees

The high level of interaction with Security Entry by so many people invariably leads to accidental and deliberate damage of system components. In these instances, you need a fast and reliable repair service. VWS can offer a comprehensive service with the backing of a long history of successfully delivering re-active repair to organisations all over the country. VWS underpins this with a guarantee that if we do not respond to your call out within four hours you do not pay for the call out.

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