Fire Safety Systems

Keep your property and your people safe with a comprehensive fire detection system for your business.


Fire is an essential element of life which mankind has harnessed to its benefit but it can be destructive and deadly. To Reduce the impact of a fire it is essential to detect it at the earliest point. A Fire detection system that is well designed will make sure no area is left uncovered. VWS design Fire systems to BAFE safety standards making sure your system complies with all the regulatory requirements. Our FIA trained designers can assess your premises to get you the precise level of cover required. Keeping you, your people and your property safe.

Installing a Fire system is one of the best insurance policies you can ever have so be sure to get it done right. VWS are here to help you do that by supplying compliant, open protocol systems that give you complete piece of mind that your most important assets are safe.


FIA Trained Engineers / Compliant Products / BAFE Standards

The government has strict guidelines for commercial property and fire systems. Essentially, unless you operate from a small, single storey, open plan building you will need to have some level of fire detection system. The government stipulates that the Fire detection system must comply to BS 5839. This includes the products used, the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance. VWS only use compliant products and have FIA trained designers and engineers that will make sure you adhere to these strict standards.

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SELECT Accredited / Wiring Regulation Compliant / Expert Installation

VWS engineers understand the importance of installing your fire system exactly to the proposed design. We are interested in more than just complying with regulation, we are focussed on ensuring that this life critical system does its job. An often overlooked aspect of Fire system installation is the requirement for the installer to not only be trained in Fire system install but to be competent in the requirements of the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations BS 7671. All VWS engineers are SELECT accredited for 17th Edition. Get the peace of mind that comes with appointing accredited experts to protect your business.

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Thorough Testing / Comprehensive Reporting / Regulatory Compliance

This is probably the most critical part of your Fire System installation. The job of the VWS commissioning engineer is to completely test and record every aspect of the system to ensure that it complies with the design and operates correctly. This requires a great understanding of the regulations and an exceptional attention to detail. VWS can provide that service to let you relax knowing that your Fire System is fit for purpose.

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Regular Inspections / Comprehensive Testing / Peace of Mind

Government regulations stipulate that you must have your Fire system regularly tested and maintained. VWS will inspect and test your Fire system meticulously and regularly to ensure its continued compliance. It’s a small cost compared to a fire and the potential consequences.

Give yourself the freedom to get on with what’s important to you and let VWS take care of any fire risk.

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