COVID-19 Solutions brought to you by VWS. Our solutions are aimed to help businesses create a safe environment by using leading security solutions adapted to the new normal.


Disinfection with the power of light

Bacteria and viruses can cause a wide range of common infections. They can live in air, on surfaces and on objects, even after normal cleaning routines. That means any contamination left behind in the air we breathe and on the surfaces we touch can have a profound effect on our day -to -day health and wellbeing. UV-C disinfection UV-C lighting disinfects radiated air and surfaces which contain bacteria and viruses and helps to reduce them from spreading further. All micro-organisms tested to date respond to UV-C lighting.

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Face Mask Detection

Automatic face mask detection equipment

Our systems use CCTV analytics to determine if people are wearing masks in areas when it is mandatory . Automatic alerts are sent via SMS, Push , email or we can interface with local alarm systems to inform people when they arrive in the restricted area.

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Occupancy Counting

Automatic head counting so you don't have to

Our systems can track the amount of people entering and leaving a building by using CCTV camera analytics and in the event of reaching maximum capacity we can inform relevant people by sending SMS , Push or email notifications. We also Install a traffic light system and can interface with automatic doors in the event of reaching maximum capacity.

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Social Distancing Technology

Equipment that determines the proximity of one person to another person.

Using CCTV analytics our systems can be configured to measure the distant between people and alerts can be setup to inform relevant people in the event of social distancing breaches.

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Thermal Detection Cameras

The latest in thermal detection cameras

Our Systems can measure the temperature of people in close proximity of  our Thermal Detection Cameras. We can inform your team in the event of someone entering a building with a high or low temperature. No need for staff to measure temperatures when people arrive , this can be done automatically saving thousands of pounds.

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Temperature Screening

The latest in Temperature Screening Equipment

Similar to thermal detection cameras our temperature screening systems can be deployed to interface with Access Control systems. The system initially checks the persons face to find out if it is registered on the database then requests that a temperature is given. If the face is recognised and the temperature level of the person is acceptable we can automatically open a door . Safe contactless entry is achievable with these systems.

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Touch Free Access Controls

Sensor access controls

Push to exit button are the most used part of most access control systems. Limit the spread of viruses in your premises by installing touch free Push to Exit buttons. These can replace existing push to exit buttons or can be an integral part in any new access control installation.


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