TASK Childcare Donation

We love our community and love to give back when the opportunity arises. Recently we were able to work with TASK Childcare Services who support the rest of the community and provide a welcoming, nurturing, play based environment for your children to attend.

Well we thought it was time to give back to TASK Childcare Services. We recognise the hard work that is put into TASK Childcare Services and wanted to do our bit. We decided to donate and install a state of the art surveillance system that will keep the children and staff safe.

What did TASK Childcare Services think?

“A wee email to thank you for our CCTV system that you had  installed recently it has made a huge difference to the safety of our building and the children who use our service ,The fact it was done free of charge was of a significant benefit to our  charitable organisation  who rely heavily on donations and grants to keep our service going.  The installation  did not disrupt our service in any way it was quick and easy the engineer was very professional, knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions we had.” – Angie

We would like to thank everyone at TASK Childcare Services for this wonderful opportunity and we are proud of what you do. Keep up the good work!