From the ground up: what makes VWS different?

From the ground up: what makes VWS different?

By Graham McMonigle

Security is, I firmly believe, one of the underplayed but actually more important things a businessperson should commit to when building a company. For too many, it is an afterthought, when it should be running through the DNA of the business from day one.

Whether you are starting up, or have been stung by fire, theft, flood, or any other problem that could have been prevented and are searching around for a firm to give you security solutions, I want VWS to be the first name people recommend to you.

Why do I say that? Well, we installed our first CCTV system back in 1986, when VHS tapes needed to be changed, deinterlacing playback – distracting interference in other words – was a thing to consider and digital was a dream. For the past 30 plus years, we have been at the forefront of the possible, and have grown with the technology and with our industry.

Our customers trust us implicitly. More than 75% of new business comes from referrals, and if you need to know the level of service we provide, all we would say is: ask one of our customers. This could be a small business, a Council anywhere in Scotland, a housing authority, or a business person from any industrial or economic sector in the country.

All of our work is undertaken by highly trained and qualified engineers. We subcontract nothing, and are proud to say we can certify and guarantee all our installations. We stand-by the quality of our work and have done since the very beginning.

From the first click on the site, we can promise a 4 hour response; our engineers will be on site without any mucking about over call-out fees. Any work we undertake is guaranteed for two years, and the number of organisations who trust us with maintenance, repair, and emergency call outs – a very substantial and distinguished list – speaks for itself.

We recognise also that not every customer needs the latest hi-tech solution. That’s why we offer a consultation service that ensures every one leaves our offices with the full benefit of our knowledge and experience and is happy that they have bought-in to a security solution that fits their business like a glove.

Graham McMonigle is a Director at VWS and can be contacted on 01236 727233 or email