From Iron Age to Cyber age: Everyone needs protection from invaders

From Iron Age to Cyber age: Everyone needs protection from invaders

By Graham Wilson


As I drive into the Cumbernauld office of VWS Ltd every day, I pass some of the only visible remnants of the Antonine Wall, the last defence of the Roman Empire against invaders. It’s a stark reminder of the importance of work that we do, and the essential act of keeping people safe.

The nature of the threats may have changed since Legionnaires from as far afield as Nubia and the Levante held the line against the rampaging horde of Celts and Brythonic tribes; but the idea of keeping one’s home and family safe from threats seems an intrinsic part of the human condition.

For those shivering on the Wall back in 142 CE, at least the threats were in front of them, and the furthest ahead they need to think would be the throw of a pillum. For the modern defender, a bit more forward planning is needed.

The invaders attacking our modern defences might not be a horde on our doorstep, but in some ways, it’s a lot worse. The threats are countless; but by far the most insidious is complacency. Far too many businesses and councils are happy to leave security unchanged until something goes wrong.

From leaving passwords at their default settings, to CCTV or door-entry security systems left without updates for years at a time, to buying off-the shelf systems that are completely unsuited to their needs; It’s all too easy to take the simplest path and trust to luck. For the threats that face a modern business, it’s just not good enough.

At VWS, we offer a free, no-obligation consultation service to make sure that every customer has what they need to be secure, not just to feel secure.

Our technology might look like magic to those long past souls on the Wall, but our approach of making sure everything is in place, fitted to need, and ready for any and all invaders would be perfectly understood through the ages.


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