Nurse Call Alarm Systems from EZ CARE - EZ CARE IP

EZ CALL IP Nurse Call Systems are known by Hospitals for their quality and reliability.


You’ll find everything you need in the range. From flexible topologies that includes an IP platform to real time location module add-ons such as asset tracking to drive workflow excellence.

Hospital design specifications can be understandably very demanding. There’s a good reason for this. Literally, every second matters in a hospital and can make a vital difference to patient outcomes.  Nurse call systems not only need to be fast and accurate, but they must be super reliable as well. You’ll find that this is just one of the areas that makes us different from our peers. Our system has a reputation for true engineering integrity.

One such example is our ECS concept – Emergency Call System. It’s integrated in our IP nodes such as our EZ CALL IP Nurse Call Switch or CT Touch IP Room Terminal. In the event of a network switch failure, our emergency displays will still receive critical event notifications. Our ECS-emergency call system also guarantees that we lose zero calls for peace of mind.

Commonly requested features include corridor displays, call activity logging software, emergency and cardiac buttons, helpful apps for nurses, overdoor lights, speech functionality, pagers, panic alarm integrations and real time location module add-on capabilities – such as asset tracking and bed management.

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