EZ LOCATE - Real Time Staff & Asset Location Systems

EZ CALL IP Nurse Call Systems are known by Hospitals for their quality and reliability.


How many times have you walked the halls looking for co-workers? How many phone calls have you made trying to locate a doctor? You have better things to do with your time.

Stop the searching with our real time location technology, typically integrated into a nurse call system. Our software allows nurses to locate one another, as well as any staff member wearing our badge.

Badges and asset tags with unique ID’s constantly report back their location to ceiling mounted infra-red/radio frequency receivers. We establish a clinical-grade standard by combining safe, invisible infrared (IR) light and the communication capabilities of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This is the most precise locating technology available to healthcare. Staff, patients, visitors and assets can all be located in real time to deliver workflow operational efficiencies.

An average hospital can waste 1000’s per day in wages due to time spent searching for mobile medical equipment, not to mention the over-procurement of assets to ensure availability. Empower your staff with real-time location information that eliminates (not just narrows) searching and with accurate data to evaluate current utilisation.

With our tracking solution, clinical and non-clinical staff alike can find equipment by simply glancing at their monitors.

The key to getting any capital investment approved is so often ROI (Return on Investment).  We’ll help justify these goals with our technology.

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