EZ DESIGN - Powerful module for configuration and programming – for commissioning.


Today’s healthcare communication systems are no longer simple call bell systems but highly complex, partially or fully integrated total solutions that are tailored to the different requirements of customers. For this reason and in accordance with the applicable regulations, call systems should only be planned, installed and operated by certified specialists – our integrator partners.

Pencils are history – with the use of our BIM objects and our AutoCAD libraries nothing will stand in the way of creating precise and contemporary installation plans.

Detailed connection diagrams of the components used for the system solution offered are often provided by us or our partners. During the implementation phase, if required, we can of course also take part in construction meetings and contribute our experience in project management.

“EZ CARE offers a high degree of flexibility and configuration options to meet all requirements. We use software application when programming where all of the functions are defined. For the acceptance of the system at handover to the operator, we can also provide the appropriate logs and deliver a complete suite of system documentation – including a log book. Experience has taught us that the requirements for a system change regularly over the course of a year due to the normal changes that affect such projects. Here, too, we’ll be side by side to you with advice. In addition, we also service and maintain systems and can additionally provide training to become a specialist integrator of call systems.”

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