Wireless Nurse Call systems


Courtney Thorne are the UK leading wireless nurse call alarm systems. Whether you are looking for a hospital nurse call system or call bell system for care homes, Courtney Thorne are specialists in wireless nurse call technology. That’s why we have chosen their product for our valued customers.

Residents or patients are easily able to call for assistance. VWS will recommend the best solution to match your requirements.

3 Year Warranty 

All the products come with a warranty, meaning that any repairs or replacements of faulty equipment will be carried out at our cost.

UK Manufacturing

The fact all of our products are manufactured or assembled in the UK means we are able to guarantee quality, innovative products and ensure rapid response to customer demand.



Built in Bluetooth ®

Built in Bluetooth® and WiFi sensors, allowing connectivity and integration with a wide range of devices.

• Wireless accessories

• Smart device integration


On board sensors

The multiple on-board sensors mean your Nurse Call System will allow you to monitor activity throughout your care home, enhancing your ability to provide the safest possible environment for those you care for.

• Fall detection

• Movement monitors


European social alarms frequency to reduce interference

The system uses the dedicated European 869.2MHz social alarms frequency to reduce interference. The ‘listen before talk’ anti-collision technology and acknowledgement of calls ensures calls are received reliably.

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